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Why choose BeLazy?

Connects translation vendors to their customers

Decreases project management efforts by up to 90%

Supplements your existing translation technology


For language service providers

Save up to 90% of the project management time and costs associated with small, repetitive translation jobs coming from vendor portals and translation management systems.

See all the projects offered to you in multiple vendor portals and translation management systems on our aggregated project feed without having to have many browser tabs open. Create the projects in your business management system at a click. Stop having to work in multiple systems for the same project – your business management system should take care of everything. Drive the full project cycle from your own business management system, including vendor reassignment, to delivery in your customers’ systems. Cut project management overhead by up to 90%.

Our customers report an average increase of 25% in the revenue from customers they have introduced BeLazy for. Besides customer satisfaction through faster project placement, BeLazy also gives you a competitive edge in auction-based portals. The auto-approve functionality allows you to set up rules to automatically accept and approve certain types of jobs even if nobody is in the office. For example, jobs in your most common language pair from a regular customer, or those that are less than 500 words and have a delivery deadline of at least one day.

Your customers will appreciate it if you use the auto-approval and automated project management. They can place an order with you and get instant confirmation even outside of working hours. They know that you can take more work and deliver reliably if your project managers don’t get stressed out by the increased throughput. They understand you scale better than your competitors.

Copy-pasting and file downloading are tedious, error-prone, and boring. Project managers who are file shufflers usually leave a company within two years. This results in added training time, less reliable and less competitive workforce, clients’ churn even. Service level with the customers can also be affected by a constant change of contact persons. Let automation do the repetitive work, and provide a real career path for your people in customer relationship management or technology expertise. You decide: burnout or margin?

With our APIs you can push any project from a multitude of sources into your proprietary business management system or connect to almost any data source. Do you need to translate Facebook posts, pick up projects from JIRA entries, or keep a project register in Google Sheets? We have also created an Integromat app that can plug in virtually any widely used system into BeLazy in a matter of minutes. Need to integrate with a content management system? Tools like Xillio or iLangL or your own integrations can be easily plugged into BeLazy.

If you have built your own business management system, you can extend its functionality dramatically with BeLazy’s connectivity capabilities. We have designed our APIs to provide robust connectivity, value mapping and exception handling functionalities. Developing software against other companies’ systems is troublesome: you can never be prepared for the unknown circumstances, you don’t have a sandbox system, and usually you may not manipulate data. We have been working on the BeLazy infrastructure for years to provide software developers with the ideal experience: if you connect once to BeLazy and establish the first connection, connecting to new content sources or translation management systems later is a piece of cake. We can be your connectivity centerpiece and you only maintain a single connection. This decreases integration costs dramatically, and enrolling new customers with new systems can be done almost immediately.

For corporate translation buyers

Simplify your work with translation vendors and get rewarded with better conditions.

How BeLazy works



  • Connect vendor portals

  • Connect translation management systems

  • Connect business management system

  • Map corresponding customers, services and other data



  • Receive projects

  • Approve projects

  • Create projects

  • Assign vendors

  • Deliver projects



  • Improve mappings

  • Monitor outliers


Translation management systems

Vendor portals

Business management systems

Third-party tools



2% fee per project you have successfully created in your BMS (up to €5 max)


Workflow automation covers

  • Monitoring VPs and TMSes for new projects 
  • Approving new project in VP and TMS
  • Creating project in your BMS
From this point, your PM takes over.

Supported platforms

Available for all the connectors and integrations within BeLazy

RWS Symfonie
Everything in full automation
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5% fee for end-to-end project automation, including round tripping of files (up to €10 max)



Workflow automation covers

  • Monitoring VPs and TMSes for new projects 
  • Approving new project in VP and TMS
  • Creating project in your BMS
  • Delivery of project back to VP or TMS
  • Reassignment of translators in the TMS

Supported platforms

Available only for the following systems

Welocalize Junction
Lionbridge LCX TMS
BeLazy's API
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