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Streamline and automate the way you receive and deliver translation projects, no matter how many customers you work for.

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Why choose BeLazy?

Connects translation vendors to their customers

Decreases project management efforts by at least 30%

Works on top of your translation technology


For language service providers

Save up to 90% of the project management time and costs associated with small, repeating translation jobs coming from vendor portals.

Manage the vendor portals you use daily from a single interface and share login details and customer instructions with multiple project managers. Review the history of projects per customer in BeLazy to facilitate invoicing. 

After you create and automate the connections to vendor portals, you will see all the jobs offered to you in BeLazy. You will be able to sort and group them by categories like volume, language pair, cost, connection or end-customer. There is no longer a need to juggle URLs to regularly check for projects or review email notifications about projects that are no longer offered to you.

You can easily accept jobs offered to you in BeLazy so that they are approved for you in the vendor portal. The auto-approve functionality allows you to set up rules to automatically accept and approve certain types of jobs. For example, jobs in your most common language pair from a regular customer, or those that are less than 500 words and have a delivery deadline of at least one day. Automatically approving jobs will also make your customers happy: they will value the fact that they can place projects quickly, and you won’t miss out so much on jobs in auction-based portals.

Automated connections allow you to approve jobs in vendor portals and instantly generate them as projects in your business management system such as Plunet or XTRF. This saves you a lot of time-consuming, error-prone copy-pasting effort.

Depending on your business management system, you can set up rules to choose your preferred vendors for each of your customers. At the click of a button, the project is created, and a notification goes out to the preferred vendors informing them that the project is ready to be taken. Project management overhead is close to zero, so your tiny projects can also be profitable. And did we mention that your translators will also be able to pick up projects using BeLazy?

Not everything can be automated and exceptions need to be handled separately. BeLazy flags projects that cannot be resolved using automation rules so you can choose what to do with them straight from BeLazy. And it gets smarter by applying machine learning.

For translation buyers & technology developers

Simplify your work with translation vendors and get rewarded with better conditions.

For translators (Beta)

Slash administration for your invoice needs. Take projects offered to you through portals or automated emails.

How BeLazy works



  • Connect vendor portals

  • Connect business management system

  • Map corresponding customers and other data



  • Receive projects

  • Approve projects

  • Create projects



  • Improve mappings

  • Exception-based project management


Vendor portals

Business management systems

Google sheets

Simple Pricing

5% of the project fee, max. 10 euros

No fees per users. No fees per connections. No fees for projects manually created.
Pay only for projects automatically generated in your business management system.