Translation automation for efficiency and profitability

BeLazy allows small & medium-sized language service providers to raise their profit margins on small translation jobs which are expensive to manage.

Translation automation for ffficiency and pofitability

BeLazy provides end-to-end project management automation for multilingual language service providers (MLVs) that work for companies using translation management systems (TMSes).

Companies leading the way

Increase your margins

Thanks to automated workflows and faster project placement, BeLazy helps lift profitability margins for those small jobs under 500 words. It will also give you a competitive edge in auction-based portals.

Enhance your value proposition

A competitive value offering needs more than just quality and turnaround speed. Introduce the same kind of automation technology that the biggest LSPs of the world are using to enrich your value offering and win new business.

Scale-up smartly

BeLazy’s auto-approval functionality allows you to take on more projects by setting up rules to automatically accept and approve certain types of jobs even if nobody is in the office.

Learn how to prepare
your company for automation

We have created an automation matrix that can help you get started.

Connect your company and automate your workflows

BeLazy helps automate projects between different systems, so your project managers can focus on their most important work.

As Abraham Lincoln said, give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. We, the people in the translation industry, are so busy chopping down the trees that we often forget to sharpen our axes.

Cenk Yalavac | Founder @ EL TURCO

We had no idea where to start! If it weren't for BeLazy, I wouldn't have thought that kind of workflow automation was even possible.

Diego Cresceri | Founder & CEO @ CREATIVE WORDS

We are moving towards delegating repetitive tasks to the robots and our PMs can dedicate more time to the more humane and value-adding tasks...

Tanel Karus | Technica Translations

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