Email Automation for translation providers

Do you still receive plenty of translation jobs via email that you need to process in a business management system? If that’s the case, and you’d like to reduce admin overhead, BeLazy has the perfect solution for you: an AI-powered functionality that checks the content from your emails and can determine whether the email is likely a translation job. Reduce the time it takes to create a project from an email from 3–5 minutes to 30 seconds.

What’s the BeLazy Email Assistant?

The BeLazy Email Assistant comes to address a problem that no other system has been able to solve until now: the fact that translation projects continue to arrive via email, creating extra manual work for project managers and breaking up potential automation workflows.

This functionality is capable of parsing the content in your incoming emails and identifying those potential translation orders so that you can easily create projects in your Business Management System.

Streamline your project creation process

In just under 30 seconds, you can transform an email into a translation project in your preferred Business Management System (BMS), whether it’s XTRF, Plunet, Protemos, or even your proprietary BMS through our API.

Customizable templates for efficiency

Set up pre-fill templates tailored to your specific customer requirements. If your customers always order the same language pair or specific services, based on the sender address, the system will automatically include that information, even if it’s not explicitly mentioned in the email.

Unparalleled accuracy thanks to ChatGPT integration

To elevate the capabilities of our Email Assistant, we’ve integrated it with ChatGPT, one of the most popular AI systems available. This integration takes information extraction to new levels of accuracy and reliability. Our AI-powered system excels at identifying key variables such as project name, deadline, source language, target language, and end customer within an email.

Total automation for templates, supervised creation for free text messages

Some messages are sent by computers, following a well-defined template. Others are sent by people. The Email Assistant offers hands-off automation for templated emails, meaning that these can create projects without anyone even reviewing the information. Information extraction, however, is not 100% reliable, and while BeLazy supports you in extracting information, the project manager still has to confirm that the values are correct.

Fits your Outlook workflows

The Email Assistant integrates with Microsoft Outlook emails, both the Office365 version and the free addresses. But we go beyond that. From the Email Assistant you can directly open messages in Outlook, and you can color-code the messages that were processed in BeLazy for easier overview for your team.

Join the email automation revolution