Localization automation for enterprises

BeLazy offers end-to-end localization automation and a single transparent pipeline for all your translation operations, making your translation supply chain comparable, auditable and compliant.

Remove the day-to-day hassle of project management from your shoulders

Traceability across your supply chain

When you work with multiple vendors, it can be a real challenge to keep up with all the steps across the localization chain. With BeLazy you can trace any task within your workflow and ensure that nobody is cutting review work while you are still paying for it.

Faster turnaround times

When you remove the need for human project management on every project, you can grant your vendors extra time to produce quality translations consistently. Ultimately you will reduce stress on your localization team and turn their attention towards strategic decision-making.

Meaningful SLAs

As a localization manager, you may sometimes wonder how you're to measure and uphold service performance. Think no further! Belazy facilitates preventive control of SLA breaches and serves you as a contractual enforcement tool.

Take action upfront

Don't let your localization efforts meddle with your time-to-market goals! With BeLazy, you can easily monitor projects and anticipate risk. For instance, projects with upcoming deadlines that haven’t yet been assigned.

Localization intelligence

With BeLazy you can gain insights into your vendor’s scaling potential, understand the main bottlenecks within your localization process, and foresee stability problems before they hit you.

Got an in-house
team of translators?

If that’s the case, we offer KPI collection to help you track individual capacity and performance within your translation team and monitor which translator takes each project.

We play well with others

Achieve 360° project automation by connecting BeLazy with software localization tools and traditional translation management systems. We also offer development services in case you need to build custom integrations with planning tools, content repositories, content management systems, or invoicing and purchasing platforms.

Need a specific connector?

We know every company is different, and we’re prepared to help you service these differences.

It's never as simple as pressing a button.

Winning in automation requires having a clear understanding of your business processes, addressing poor quality data as well as taking into account multiple variations, stakeholder needs, and a complex array of technologies. If you’re not there yet, we work with you to get to the point where you can automate almost all your translation operations.

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Information security: Why is it important to us?

BeLazy successfully passed the ISO 27001 audits, the standard that regulates information security within organizations. In this blog post, we explain why we decided to certify ISO 27001, the importance of information security and what’s in for you.