Project management automation for efficiency and scalability

BeLazy provides end-to-end project management automation for multilingual language service providers (MLVs) that work for companies using translation management systems (TMSes).

Companies leading the way

Boost your sales

Thanks to automated workflows and faster project placement, BeLazy helps lift profitability margins for those small jobs under 500 words. It will also give you a competitive edge in auction-based portals.

Scale-up smartly

A competitive value offering needs more than just quality and turnaround speed. Introduce the same kind of automation technology that the biggest LSPs of the world are using to enrich their value offering and win new business.

Procurement savings

BeLazy will automatically bundle small projects, so you can avoid paying minimum fees and get rewarded with better conditions.

Guarantee that all projects meet the desired ROI

If you know how many minutes it takes for your PMs to create a translation job, then here you can calculate how much you can save with end-to-end project management.

One integration to rule it all

Developing software against other companies’ systems is troublesome, expensive and it requires having a dedicated IT team to be prepared for unknown circumstances. Instead of having to worry about that, BeLazy could be your only connectivity centerpiece and you only maintain a single connection. This decreases integration costs dramatically, and enrolling new customers with new systems can be done almost immediately.

Business Management Systems

Translation Management Systems

Business Management Systems

Translation Management Systems

By connecting BeLazy and our business management system we were able to cut project administration time by more than 20%.

Mladen Stojak | Ciklopea

Belazy has allowed us automate the receipt and delivery of translation projects coming from these customer platforms and increase our productivity, accuracy while reducing manual work.

Deepak Sahu | Braahmam

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3 Decisions Around ROI Calculation for Localization Automation

When building your localization automation ROI case, we suggest there are three decisions to make:
1. Can automation be useful for you in this specific scenario?
2. Does the scope of the project mean it is a good automation candidate?
3. When should the ROI analysis be completed?