How Braahmam introduced translation automation without compromising quality and staying ISO compliant

About Braahmam International

Established in 2000, Braahmam is a translation company with its offices in three locations – US, Ireland, and India. The company offers translation and localization solutions for the Global market catering to over 100+ languages.

Vendor portals like Junction, Symlite, Symfonie or Plunet have been an integral part of our day-to-day tasks, but handling incoming translation jobs from so many different systems consumed a good amount of time. Belazy has allowed us automate the receipt and delivery of translation projects coming from these customer platforms and increase our productivity, accuracy while reducing manual work. I'd like to thank especially their support team which has been extremely diligent in fixing queries raised by our team!
Deepak Sahu

The Goal

Like many other language services providers out there, Braahmam wanted to get more jobs done more efficiently. But they also wanted to introduce automation technology without sacrificing their ISO 17100:2015 compliance or hindering their customer rating which scores at 99.5% per year over the last three years.

Their main priority was to automate their Plunet BMS with Junction, Symfonie & Symlite which is where they received big volumes of small, repeating translation jobs that left little margin for their business.

They also wanted to introduce collective orders, and bundle projects together according to their creation date — a type of automation that’s possible thanks to BeLazy’s project bundling functionality.


After 3 months of continuous onboarding and regular weekly meetings, the first automation workflow was fully functional. It wasn’t a walk in the park, it required substantial testing and troubleshooting for them to embed that into their translation processes. But thanks to the continued efforts, today, Braahmam’s team processes an average of 100 projects through BeLazy on a weekly basis.

For Braahmam, this is just the start. They began their automation journey setting up the connection between Junction and Plunet Business Management System. To date, they have now 13 connections, 9 of them to other Plunet clients, and the rest of them to Junction, Symlite, and Symfonie.


Don’t let those manual, operative tasks hold you back. Stay ahead of the competition by introducing automation into your organization.