Supported scenarios

BeLazy's Vision

Our vision is to enable efficient continuous localization across the supply chain. That’s a quite big challenge! But as we move forward, we are offering automation possibilities for an increasing number of translation workflows.

Our vision is actually rooted in the architecture of our technology. When we started, we foresaw an immense level of complexity in the translation supply chain, that is why we designed a flexible workflow engine capable adjusting to almost every type of process. So even if the possibilities for automation depend technically on the different platforms and systems involved, we will always be ready to address complexity on a higher level.

The first step towards fulfilling this vision is comprised of the six scenarios outlined on this page. We want to show the world that we can develop automation solutions for these six cases with the help of the business management system vendors.

The second step is about scaling up these solutions and expanding the set of tools, platforms and workflows that we can automate. For this to happen, we will rely on continuous feedback and support from our partners.

Last, but not least: We will always make sure that our technology covers real-life scenarios. However, we also firmly believe that not everything needs to be solved by technology — Humans aligning with humans are the key to efficient continuous localization.