BeLazy integrates with vendor portals, business management systems and many other third-party tools

Vendor portals

Vendor portals are webpages that allow translation vendors to see, retrieve and approve the jobs they are offered or assigned to. They are the vendor-facing interfaces of business or translation management systems.

Transline Transact

Welocalize Junction

Moravia Symfonie

Lionbridge TMS



Business management systems

Business management systems help manage projects, vendors, and finances related to translation and localization. Some companies have developed their own – to which BeLazy connects via APIs – while others are using commercially available options. We currently connect with:

BeLazy's API



Third-party tools

BeLazy can integrate into hundreds of tools and applications through our Integromat app in a matter of minutes.


Translation management system

Translation management systems allow enterprises and translation companies to centralize the management of localization processes.