BeLazy’s HubSpot integration
with Plunet and XTRF

Connect HubSpot CRM to your Business Management System.

Synchronize your CRM & BMS data

Increasing your sales efficiency by making sure that quotes in your BMS are reflected as deals in your CRM. That way, your sales team will be more effective at following up on and closing deals.

Your sales process fully integrated

Most language service providers create quotes in their business management system, but don’t necessarily open those deals in their CRMs. They lose revenue to competition by not following up with customers.

Save time with automation

Our integration guarantees a seamless sales process without the need for any data entry effort, which is usually time-consuming and hard to sustain over time.

How does it work?


Connect your HubSpot account with BeLazy


Set up the synchronization between systems


Your sales team adds a company and a contact in HubSpot


Company and contact persons get pushed into your BMS


PM creates a quote in your BMS​ and specifies the quote's status


The quote document is synchronized into HubSpot


Automation streamlines post-quoting activities if the client accepts the quote


If the client accepts the quote, the deal is set as won in CRM


If the client rejects the quote, the deal is set as lost in CRM

The quote document is visible in both systems

Your sales team doesn’t need to log into your BMS

PMs don’t need to allocate time to sales efforts