Translation Process automation

Say goodbye to manual project creation, file transfers, and tedious data entry. BeLazy acts as a bridge connecting both your and your clients’ translation management systems and vendor portals to your Business Management System (BMS).

Why would you not automate that?

Managing a translation project is a multi-layered task that involves much more than just finding a good translator. Handling the following set of tasks manually can lead to cost inefficiencies and reduce your opportunities for growth.

Handle the customer's request

Prepare the project in your CAT tool of choice

Find translators and reviewers

Execute the translation

Run a QA check

Deliver the project to the client

Handle payments in your BMS

We’ve got your PM’s back!

BeLazy doesn’t replace your team of human project managers.
Instead, it enhances their capabilities. This is how we do it:

Boosting your PM capabilities by automating translation jobs from creation to delivery.

An easy-to-use user interface for integrating TMSes, vendor portals and BMSes.

Flagging projects that require manual attention when needed.

Providing insights into the types of jobs you win or lose, the time it takes to assign translators, and deliver the work.

Scaling up smartly as jobs get smaller

The rise of digital platforms, content management systems and applications has led to smaller translation jobs, often a few strings of text rather than whole documents. In this scenario, the overhead effort involved in managing a translation job often outweighs the valuable time spent on translation, editing, and review.

Small projects often carry less context for translations in terms of efforts for PMs.

Smaller jobs mean that scaling up requires managing a larger number of projects, which is a fixed cost for your company.

End-to-end automation allows you to shift your mindset from delivery towards vendor/quality management, ultimately achieving the scalability your customers desire without sacrificing quality or stressing your team.

One integration to rule it all

BeLazy has been specially designed to connect different programs and applications used in the translation industry to automate workflows.

Vendor portals

Translation management systems

Business management systems

Avoid bottlenecks and inefficiencies across the translation supply chain