BeLazy’s integration with third party tools

Connect BeLazy to Google Sheets,, and other third-party tools.

Google Sheets
Many simple, small translation projects where efficiency and speed is the key to profitability? Do you want to track and manage translation projects in a spreadsheet? When done manually, your project management team loses valuable time. They have to accept the project in the customer’s vendor portal, add the details to Google Sheets, and start to look for a translator or reviewer to work on the project. Finally, they also often need to close the project on the vendor portal when finished. So many steps, and so many systems! Instead, you could use BeLazy to automatically accept, track, assign, and close projects. is a service that connects to over 1000 applications through its API. Our integration with this platform allows you to connect BeLazy – and so your vendor portals – to hundreds of different apps and services. Do you like to keep project data in Excel files? Or fancy using Smartsheet or Asana for project management? Do you want to store all files automatically in OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox? BeLazy can channel your projects into these applications with the help of

A robust and easy-to-use API facilitates connecting systems in different companies to enable information flow. The BMS API enables you to connect any custom project tracking and management system you use to all supported source systems. You can use the BeLazy APIs for free, and you only pay for the cost of the integration development.
BeLazy vendor portal API
Integrate any source of projects into your configured business management system in the simplest possible way, simply by defining the project metadata and uploading the files if necessary — BeLazy takes care of the rest. The easiest way to extend your Plunet, XTRF, Protemos, or the custom system you have already connected. What’s more, this is also a solution for customers to automatically transfer the projects they want you to work on into your systems.