Woohoo, BeLazy has just released a Make.com app. Well, you may ask why an integrator, as BeLazy, is using the services of another integrator, Make.com. Mainly because BeLazy is specialized in the tools of the localization industry. We connect your translation business management system to the vendor portals of your clients from where you used to collect your jobs before the BeLazy era, going through a tedious process of a lot of clicks and copy-pastes. 

Errr… are you not lazy yet? Oh, come on! Log in and see how BeLazy can help you make better use of your valuable project management workforce. Or if you are lazy enough, send us an email, and our colleagues will walk you through it.

So back to Make.com! It is a service that connects all kinds of applications through its API. The BeLazy app in Make.com can connect to BeLazy’s API. So why should we reinvent the wheel? Through this app, you can connect BeLazy (and so your vendor portals) to hundreds of different apps and services.

Make.com features a powerful interface that you can use to combine all the available apps as Lego pieces to transfer information between the systems. Using BeLazy together with any of the other Make.com apps is just a matter of few clicks. The BeLazy app uses the ever-expanding API of BeLazy. Currently, it can download a project together with its files, it can also list the connections and trigger the synchronization of any of the existing BeLazy connections. More features are on the way, stay tuned.

As said, BeLazy is aiming at integrating with tools that are specialized in the translation and localization industry. But we also know there are so many companies that use less specialized or even contrary, a very specialized, proprietary system for logging their projects. Are you one of them? Do you happen to have Google sheets or Excel files to keep project data in it? Or do you use Smartsheet or Asana for project management? BeLazy can channel your projects into these applications with the help of Make.com.

Maybe you have a proprietary business management system that is hard to integrate. This app can facilitate even that. It can connect directly to your SQL database driving your system and injecting the projects automatically. Or if you happen to have a REST or SOAP API, the BeLazy app can communicate with your system through Make.com.

Are you not satisfied with the frequency BeLazy checks for new projects automatically? Well, you can use the multitude of triggers available on Make.com to run the synchronization in BeLazy and get the projects in an instant. Triggers include email watchers to Gmail, Office 365. But you can use the JIRA watcher, or who knows, maybe you need to trigger some actions when there is a new social media post.

We are only at the beginning of this journey with Make.com. Soon we will release some templates that will allow you to build a complex scenario in Make.com with just a click and then customize it to your needs. Click here to explore the variety of services offered by Make.com, and be lazy to create your integration through our brand-new app.

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