How Ciklopea increased interoperability by integrating BeLazy into their proprietary BMS

About Ciklopea

Headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia, Ciklopea is one of the leading providers of language solutions in the SEE region, providing translation & localization services into more than 30 languages in the life sciences, IT & software and technology, and manufacturing industries.

Ciklopea’s interest in automation had always been there, even before BeLazy was founded. Mladen Stojak, the company’s Managing Partner, had been in talks with our founder and CEO, István Lengyel on how to make Ciklopea processes more efficient.

By the time they reached BeLazy early in 2020, their team had already automated some processes, but they were specifically looking for a way to automate small and recurring translation jobs coming from their client’s business management system (BMS) into their own, Orchestrum.

As every company that has built its own proprietary tools, Ciklopea was aware of the development costs associated with each new system integration, so they thought integrating with BeLazy could be a way to increase interoperability without having to develop further integrations in the future.

By connecting BeLazy and our business management system we were able to cut project administration time by more than 20%
Mladen Stojak

Integration via API

BeLazy’s REST API allows connecting proprietary business management systems to ensure that jobs from the different vendor portals will appear automatically in your system. BeLazy transfers work offered to you in vendor portals to your own BMS.

The integration between Orchestrum and BeLazy was developed by Ciklopea’s tech team with assistance from ours. It took approximately two months of work before the project went live in September 2020. 


Within two months of having deployed BeLazy, Ciklopea measured the projects from this specific client and found a 20% decrease in project administration time. Since then, Ciklopea has gradually increased the use of BeLazy and now processes between 400 and 500 projects every month — that accounts for 130,000 words of small, repeating jobs. 

They’ve also managed to leverage the BeLazy-Orchestrum integration beyond the original purpose (automating the before mentioned workflow) and have implemented 5 XTRF connections.

To date, Ciklopea’s tech team continues to improve and evolve Ochestrum’s features and capabilities without worrying about being locked in a system with no link to others. As a matter of fact, they’ve recently added new functionality which has decreased project administration time again by 70%. According to their latest measurement, it only took the human project manager 36 seconds to manage the project in the system — without QA checks.