Creative Words Automates Jobs Coming from RWS Moravia with BeLazy

Project Overview

Creative Words is a language service provider based in Genova, Italy. Like many translation companies out there, they serve some of the big players in the industry, the so-called multilingual language service providers. RWS Moravia is one of their recurrent customers, and for some project accounts they receive constant volumes in many small jobs, that is why they wanted to automate project management as much as possible.

We had no idea where to start! If it weren't for BeLazy, I wouldn't have thought that kind of workflow automation was even possible.
Diego Cresceri
founder & CEO, Creative Words



As more customers started to require continuous localization, Diego realized they needed to find a way to minimize project management time for small projects: “For those project to be profitable, we need to spend no time on manual work such as downloading files, filling in trackers or entering the project into our BMS.” 

However, small and medium-sized translation companies generally don’t have in-house tech teams to develop automation solutions of this nature. Instead, it is common for them to outsource this work, but the truth is that most software firms lack expertise in the field of localization. Coming up with a reliable solution demands not only great coding skills but also knowing the translation industry inside-out.



At the time of the request, Creative Words had a translation management system that offered little customization and few possibilities for integrations. However, they have now acquired a new one and this means we will need to adapt the current solution to work as well with their new platform.



If the request from Creative Words had come before November 2019, then perhaps coming up with a cost-effective solution could have been quite tricky. But by the time, BeLazy had already released its Integromat application, which made it quite easy to integrate all the coming work from RWS Moravia into a Google Sheet — a custom-made sheet.

In the Excel sheet, there’s a line for each project they receive with name, volume, and names of people doing the jobs, which is what we at BeLazy had to map in order to develop it.

As a result of the automation, the project manager doesn’t have to fill out this Excel table manually anymore. It has been a significant productivity booster considering Creative Words receives on average between 300 to 400 small translation projects per month from this client.

According to Diego, “BeLazy’s convenient pricing model based on project value seemed the ideal solution to keep our costs at bay while saving project management time. We are looking into expanding the cooperation into other accounts and workflows and considering BeLazy as a strategic partner for driving growth.”


Don’t let those manual, operative tasks hold you back. Stay ahead of the competition by introducing automation into your organization.