Full automation
for the translation process

This is the first commercially available implementation of such a technology.

What does end-to-end automation in translation mean?

It means integrating the different tools you used within your localization process so that project management can cut time spent with the following tasks:

With the right technology, you can enable no-touch workflows so that your project managers can work exclusively in your business management system.

Every hand-off or human intervention in a process is an opportunity for mistakes. Automation reduces the probability of errors. BeLazy is first solution that allows a translation project in a regular LSP workflow to run without the involvement of a project manager. This is progress.

Renato Beninatto
CEO - Nimdzi Insights

For which systems is full automation available?

Training your project managers for automated process

Understanding how to prepare your team for an automated translation process requires first understanding the nature of your project management team. What are their main skills? How do they react to changes in project scope? At BeLazy, we’ve identified two types of project managers, and one of them is naturally suited for managing automated workflows.

Action-based project manager

Supervisor project manager

Expected productivity gains

During the time it takes to manage 1 project, you can monitor 10 automated projects. Thus, for those projects where automation is feasible, we foresee up to a 1000% increase in project managers’ productivity.