Scenario 5: Translation management system with online work


This scenario is common for translation companies working for end-customers, companies that manage translation because of their own business needs. The project is accepted in the end-customer’s translation management system, and registered in the Automator’s business management system. There is no possibility of downloading files, so the vendors need to be reassigned in the online system of the Client. A vendor reassignment step is necessary (and of course, the vendors already need to be somehow created).

There is a slight variation to this workflow which is specific to systems that allow projects to appear in the Automator’s instance, instead of the Client’s instance. For example, in Memsource Cloud, you can not only work as a linguist but also as a vendor. In this case, the project will show up in the Automator’s instance, rather than in the Client’s instance, and you can select your own vendors there, rather than re-create the vendors on the clients’ platforms, often with scrambled usernames.



See pre-requisites for scenario 1, scenario 2, scenario 3 and scenario 4. The Client should allow reassignment of vendors and user creation in their translation management system.


Besides accepting and registering projects, BeLazy can also synchronize vendors between two systems based on rules, and create the vendors in the clients’ system if they don’t exist. BeLazy monitors completion of the work in both the business management system’s vendor portal and the translation management system, and can synchronize between the two. This allows a full automated roundtrip.


Client’s translation management system
Automator’s business management system
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