Scenario 4: Translation management system roundtrip with packages


This scenario is very common with translation companies working for end-clients or enterprises that manage translation in-house.

In this scenario, the end-client uses a platform such as SDL Worldserver, Cloudwords or Globalsight, in which online work is not possible or user-friendly enough for the vendors. There could be several reasons for this: the vendor may not be able to create users in the system or doesn’t want to share the translator’s data, or simply because the translators prefer to work in another system with a better translation interface.

The end-client makes the job available to the Automator, who logs in, accepts the project and downloads the project package. Depending on what system the end-client has, the project may already contain pricing information, or that must be specified in the Automator’s business management system and optionally fed back into the end-client’s system.

The project package is retrieved and uploaded to the BMS, and there either manipulated or assigned to another vendor, just like in Scenario 1, Scenario 2 and Scenario 3. When the project is to be submitted, the deliverable is extracted from the BMS and uploaded to the translation management system of the end-client. The delivery is indicated as per the logic of the translation management system.



See prerequisites for Scenario 1, Scenario 2 and Scenario 3. If the end-client uses a web-based system, automation is then feasible. If the end-client uses a server-based system, automation possibilities will depend on the APIs of that system and its accessibility.


BeLazy can fully automate the monitoring of customer translation management systems for new projects, the extraction of packages, the acceptance of projects, and the upload of deliverables.


Client’s translation management system
Automator’s business management system
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