Software update: July 2019

Here’s a look at some of the new functionality in BeLazy.

Welocalize Junction

This connector emulates the web functionality you perform on Junction, and automates the receipt and creation of projects coming from Welocalize in your vendor portal. If you are a language service provider working for Welocalize, you should definitely give it a try.


The auto-approval functionality aims to automate the “business-as-usual” projects. This means that BeLazy can automatically accept projects in the vendor portal of your customer and create them in your business management system, without having to wait for a project manager.

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UI improvements

  • Prioritizing most common services in drop-down list.
  •  Better handling of language lists.
  • Display of error messages during onboarding.
  • XTRF finance not set error gives guidance on what to do.

Streamline and automate the way you receive and deliver translation projects!

Save up to 90% of the project management time and costs associated with small, repeating translation jobs coming from vendor portals.