We provide integrations between different vendor portals and translation management systems into business management systems. If you own and operate any such system, we may provide you with added value. Our aim is to work together with technology providers, translation customers, and suppliers to enable efficiency across the supply chain. We build our technology supplementing existing tech stacks rather than reinventing the wheel. We understand the need for translation management system and translation vendor diversity in the translation and localization market due to differences in workflows, strategies, and user maturities.

Multilingual vendors with
custom vendor portals

If you provide a vendor portal to your vendors, involve them in efficient continuous localization projects by integrating your portal with BeLazy. You will experience a faster placement time almost instantly after deploying the integration, which results in more efficient project management.


Translation management systems allow enterprises to control their assets and maintain a multi-vendor strategy. Relieve yourself from having to develop a sophisticated supply chain solution and focus on your target market. Our integrations allow outsourcing to multiple vendors: translation companies, and freelance or in-house translators alike. We offer a business model based on usage and reward TMS provider partners with a percentage of the revenue that flows through BeLazy.