Software update: October 2019

Here’s a look at some of the new functionality in BeLazy.

Moravia Symfonie connector

BeLazy now features a new vendor portal to the list of supported portals: Moravia Symfonie. RWS Moravia encourages the use of automation when receiving projects from them, and we hope that through BeLazy many more users will receive and automatically create the projects in an automated fashion.

Project naming conventions

So far, BeLazy always applied fixed project naming in the business management system: every project created was named after the source project’s ID and the name of the connection in square brackets. Now we have changed the automation possibilities, and you can set up your own naming convention.

New API calls

We have created a brand new API that allows you to query connections in BeLazy, and furthermore it allows you to synchronize the connections. Why is this useful? Let’s say you receive an email and using your own system or a third-party system like Zapier you understand that you have a new project. You synchronize the connection, and the new project appears in BeLazy, and using the automated approval rules you accept the project in the blink of an eye.

Other user experience improvements

We have made BeLazy easier to use: we are now color-coding guessed items in the mapping dialogs to give you a better clue what you need to revise and what not, we are adding actual weights after the errors, and we have improved the XTRF-related file category handling. We have fixed a couple of other issues as well, including Plunet tax selection and further improvements to the Welocalize Junction connector.

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