Software update: August 2019

Here’s a look at some of the new functionality in BeLazy.

Lionbridge TMS​

This connector emulates the web functionality you perform on Lionbridge TMS, and automates the receipt and creation of projects coming in Lionbridge TMS. If you are a language service provider working for Lionbridge, you should definitely give it a try, especially because you are able to automatically approve these projects, so that they don’t get taken before you log in.

Project API

This long-awaited API allows companies that don’t use XTRF or Plunet, but rather their proprietary translation management system, to benefit from the connectors offered by BeLazy. With a few days of work or even less, your developers can connect your system to BeLazy and you can receive projects from any of the vendor portals BeLazy supports, including XTRF, Welocalize Junction, Transline Transact, Lionbridge TMS, or Plunet.

Streamline and automate the way you receive and deliver translation projects!

Save up to 90% of the project management time and costs associated with small, repeating translation jobs coming from vendor portals.