Software update: July 2020

Here’s a look at some of the new functionality in BeLazy.

Improved XTRF portal handling

XTRF is one of our main partners when it comes to integrations that support 360-degrees automation, that is why we are constantly improving the connection between our technologies. We have made improvements on the download of custom meta-data (end clients are visible), we remove the HTML tags in the instructions in smart projects, and we set the payables now to 0, to facilitate the workflow with automatic vendor assignment.

Vendor monitoring / linguist assignment

If you are using Memsource as a TMS to receive projects, and XTRF as a BMS to assign vendors, the vendors selected in XTRF - either automatically or manually - are automatically transferred to Memsource. We take care of the mapping of user names, and are even able to create users in Memsource automatically for you.

UX improvements

- We removed an unnecessary “Add portal” button.
- We now show the internal project IDs in the project details. If you have any trouble, just send this to support, and we’ll know how to help you better.
- We now display project delivery success/failure as snackbar notifications

Bug fixes

Our software development team fixed and tested several bugs. We have made improvements on Moravia Symfonie, thus pricing information is always available now (please see our article on how to set up the right permissions for your service account - link below) and Lionbridge project links always open correctly. We also improved the auto-approval feature and now project word counts are added up in case there are multiple receivables, and made improvements on connection synchronizations, synchronization goes both ways.

Streamline and automate the way you receive and deliver translation projects!

Save up to 90% of the project management time and costs associated with small, repeating translation jobs coming from vendor portals.