RWS Moravia SymLite + XTRF Integration

In under 30 minutes and without a single line of code, BeLazy allows you to receive translation jobs from RWS Moravia SymLite and create and manage the projects in XTRF.

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Connect RWS Moravia SymLite vendor portal with XTRF and automate your translation workflow

Monitoring the vendor portal for new projects

Approving the new project in the vendor portal

Creating projects in XTRF

Automatically assigning a license in RWS Moravia SymLite from XTRF

Delivering the project back to the vendor portal

How RWS Moravia SymLite + XTRF integration works

Sign up to BeLazy

Receive API access details from Moravia SymLite

Enter your connection credentials

Set up your business management system for integration

Configure the connection and map the values between systems