How Preteks took its first steps in translation automation by connecting BeLazy to its proprietary management system

About Preteks

Founded in 2007 in Lendava (Slovenia), Preteks is a language service provider specializing in the Adriatic and Balkan languages. Preteks serves a variety of enterprise clients and well-recognized multilingual language vendors (MLVs). Preteks also has a branch office in Varaždin (Croatia).

Our experience has been positive as all projects sent from one client over XTRF are put in our TMS every 15 minutes. Not to mention that projects that come after our working hours are there in our TMS the next working day. Overall, BeLazy has helped save valuable time which was lost on copying and pasting information from emails to TMS. As a result, we now have more time to assure better quality for this and other clients, and have more time to take on other new projects.
Alen Dominić
CEO @ Preteks

The automation journey

Like many other translation companies, Preteks has a proprietary business management system, which facilitates customization but possesses challenges when it comes to integrating with other platforms.

Around February 2022, they started receiving many small translation jobs from another LSP using XTRF. The end client is equipped with Lingotek.

That’s when Alen Dominić, the CEO of Preteks, reached out to us to see whether it was possible to create an automated workflow that would allow taking jobs directly from XTRF.

He wanted to take away the pressure on his project management team, which spent from 1 to 6 hours a day just organizing the work for this special client.

Set up & Challenges

It took only 16 hours for Preteks’ programmer and lead project manager to set up everything with our TMS and Belazy.

The main challenge was to get a comprehensive understanding of the system and the solution. Fetching the information that our client sent over XTRF into BeLazy, and then into our proprietary TMS. Once we figured this out, making the API connections was pretty straight-forward.

Working with BeLazy

Connecting proprietary systems with commercially available solutions can be a challenging feat. But it is thanks to BeLazy’s easy-to-use and well-documented REST API that Preteks’ supplier was able to implement the new workflow in less than 1 month and a half.

Thanks to the new end-to-end project automation workflow, Preteks is able to process automatically over 300 translation jobs every month.