BeLazy Early Automators Program

What is the BeLazy Early Automators Program (BEAP)?

It is a partner program! We are looking for companies that show commitment towards automation. The aim is that together we pick “process candidates” for automation and mutually agree to reengineer and fine-tune the process as much as possible to reach as close to full automation as possible.

BEAP Benefits:

We help you understand how to launch a program of automation and how to instill automation into the minds of the employees.​

We develop technology that you can use free of charge for a period of time.

We help you gather all knowledge necessary for succeeding with automation, and educate your automation champions.

Who is eligible to participate in the program?

We’re not very picky, we don’t distinguish by size, location or technology. The only things that we want to gauge are openness, transparency, and commitment. We don’t want to work with companies who want to be sold to. We don’t want to work with companies where we cannot cut through the red tape and have a non-political discussion. We want to work with companies where the business need for automation is already there, and they are looking for a reliable partner to make this happen.

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If you are interested in participating, just set up a discovery call with us to discuss the details of the program and provide all the information you need.

BeLazy Early Automator Program

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